Children Who Own Books Are 6 Times More Likely to Read Above Expected Level

A survey in the UK found that children who own books are six times more likely to read above the expected level for their age. It makes sense that this applies globally, and RIF-Honolulu is part of the solution right here!

Keiki Appreciate RIF!

The Winter book distribution has begun, and the students have been enjoying visits from RIF readers, as well as a new round of books to select for their own.  Above are some ‘Thank You’ messages that grateful students wrote to their RIF readers after the previous visitation.  

Winter Distribution Coming Soon!

RIF elves (aka volunteers) have been hard at work getting books ready for the Winter distribution that will start in January!  We’re excited for the children who will be receiving their new books soon!

As we enter the holiday season and reflect on all the things we are thankful for, we want to take this opportunity to give thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers and generous supporters throughout the many years that have helped RIF Honolulu serve Hawaii’s keiki.

For over 40 years, RIF, Honolulu has supported children and communities on Oahu to promote literacy and a life-long love of reading. With your help, we have distributed over 600,000 brand new books, and impacted the lives of over 50,000 of Hawaii’s keiki through books and literacy support. Since 1978 RIF Honolulu, along with the many volunteers and supporters, has been dedicated to RIF Honolulu’s mission of promoting literacy through book ownership. Today we have grown to serve Pre-K – 3rd grade students in 16 public schools throughout Oahu.

On behalf of Reading is Fundamental, Honolulu, and the children we serve:

Thanks for READING
THANKS for reading to a CHILD
Thanks for giving the gift of a BOOK
Thanks for supporting our local schools and TEACHERS who work every day toteach our children
Thank you to the PARENTS and CAREGIVERS
Thank you to the COMMUNITY

Our work at Reading is Fundamental, Honolulu would not be possible without the support of people like YOU who know that if a child can read, they have the fundamental building blocks required to succeed. THANK YOU for your work to empower children to read, learn and grow.

Aloha, Mahalo and Malama Pono
RIF Honolulu Board of Directors

Nanaikapono students enjoy their books

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students at Nanaikapono Elementary School were very happy to receive their books (and bookmarks!).  This was their first RIF visitation of the school year, and they are looking forward to the Winter and Spring visits!

Mahalo .. and Aloha!

These are just a few of the MANY thank-you cards, letters, and posters that students made for their RIF readers this school year.  The messages inside are sweet and often funny, but some 3rd graders’ letters were tinged with a bit of sadness as this would be their last RIF year (we serve pre-school through third grade).  We’ll miss them, too, and hope they’ve discovered the joy of reading, especially for fun, during their four years with RIF.

A Blossoming ‘Thank You’ from Kauluwela Kids

Ka’uluwela Elementary third grade students presented their special thank you card to Mrs. Tam at their last RIF visitation of the school year. Each child wanted to show her the “petal” they made to express their mahalo to her for reading to them, reminding them why reading is so important (especially over the summer months while they won’t be in school), and allowing them to select a book of their own.

Kamaile Elementary Students Enjoy Their “Special Treat”

Kamaile Elementary first graders were happy to receive their books from Panda Cares, even after realizing that their “special treat” from Panda wasn’t going to be fortune cookies!

Grade 1 Students Receive Books From ‘Panda Cares’

Through a partnership with Panda Express and their Panda Cares Foundation, we will be distributing three free books to the first grade students in our 16 schools. These books will be in addition to their regular RIF books, so the first grade students will receive six books this year!

Waimanalo Elementary had a special guest reader for their event — Principal Mr. Noel Richardson!