Tips For Parents

Reading aloud is the single most important activity to prepare children for school.

  • Talk with your children as you play or do chores. Talking with you helps them learn to use words.
  • Read to your children. Let them choose the story. Bedtime is a good time to read.
  • Let your children see you read so that they know you enjoy reading and think it is important.
  • Ask older children to read to younger ones. The older children will be proud of their skills, and the younger ones will want to read like them.
  • Go to the library together. The librarian can help find books your children will enjoy.
  • Keep books, magazines, and newspapers around your home so there will always be something to read.
  • Say rhymes or poetry, or sing songs. Rhymes help children learn letter sounds.
  • Tell stories about your family and stories you enjoyed as a child. Have other family members tell stories, too.